Tattoo gallery — Tyler "Mr. Jones" Jones, Grants Pass, OR

"My new custom workstation from Waterloo is awesome!!! It has the best features a tattoo artist could ask for. Check them out!"

  • Mr. Jones Custom Workstation

    "I have been tattooing a long time, since I was 12 if you can believe it. I am a second generation tattoo artist. Throughout the years I have tattooed off of many tool boxes and surfaces. Until I got my Waterloo box I did not realize what I was missing. This has all the features a tattoo artist could ask for. A stainless steel top with a DripGuard™ drip edge to start–even if a spill happens it stays contained. Also the drawers have features that no other box offers, and the magnetic accessories on the outside are super convenient. I've heard talk amongst other artist about how they seem to think they could build one similar to the Waterloo to save money−let me tell you that they are wrong! For the quality these are and what they offer… you could NOT."

  • Mr. Jones

    "Since getting my Waterloo Artist Series workstation, I no longer need my desk. My plan is to remove the desk from my booth to create more space for my massage table that takes up most of my booth space. The desk and massage table eat up too much space, especially when I'm trying to turn 180 degrees–any artist who has a table for their client to lay on can relate to that!"

  • Mr. Jones tattooing

    "We all have more junk in our drawers than we need, the Waterloo Artist Series workstation has the space for your junk, but when you buy it and take pride in your station. And I don't know about you but when my station is clean and neat that's one less thing on my mind and more concentration on my work."